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PAT Testing - @ Entertainment House - DJ Equipment Superstore & BOSE Dealer

PAT Testing



A Portable Appliance Test is a safety test for just about any item that connects to the mains electricity with a plug.
P.A.T. testing of all electrical items used for a professional purpose is strongly advised in several legislations & electrical safety acts. and is increasingly being stipulated by venues and halls.
Once an item has passed a P.A.T. test a pass sticker is placed on the item, the date when the item should be re-tested is written on the sticker. A full certificate is then produced for all the items tested.
P.A.T. tests should be carried out annually. In the same way a car needs to go through an M.O.T. test once a year, an electrical item should be P.A.T. tested once a year.


Peace of mind from knowing that your equipment has been tested & found to be safe. Many venues, especially Hotels and Council owned venues such as Leisure Centres no longer allow you to use any electrical equipment which is not P.A.T. tested.

The number of venues insisting on P.A.T. tested equipment is growing by the day. An important reason for P.A.T. Testing is that if there is a problem at a gig, your Public Liability Insurance is likely to be totally invalid unless you can provide the current P.A.T. Certificate to prove you were not negligent.

In this day of Compensation Culture it is wise to be totally above board and squeeky clean! Worse still, if you cannot do the job as you are not P.A.T. tested then it will go to your competitors. We hear horror stories all the time.

Recently a local 4 piece Jazz Band were not allowed into a wedding venue as they refused to get their equipment P.A.T. tested. So unfortunately the Bride and Groom went without music during their meal. Needless to say the Band did not get paid as they had known about the testing requirement for 3 weeks before the gig. "We've been working for 20 years and never needed it before" was all they said...

All that hassle for the sake of an easy, inexpensive electrical safety test!



ALL equipment which uses mains power MUST be tested !

This includes all of the following and more...

CD Players, Mixers, Turntables, Amps, Radio Mics, Light Controllers (Chasers), Graphic EQ's, Cross-Overs, Effects Lights, Smoke Machines, Par Cans, Spot Lights, Extension Leads, All Mains Plugs, IEC (kettle) Leads and IEC Extensions.

If you are unsure please call us to confirm if you need a test carried out - Chances are you do!


All equipment for P.A.T. testing must carry:
  • The 'CE' mark or the 'BS Standard' (kite) mark.
  • All leads & appliances must have British plugs only (must be BS1363) (Plastic Sheilded Pins etc).

If your appliance has not got a British plug connected to it, we can supply & change the plug at a small charge. ALL non UK adaptors will NOT be P.A.T. tested and they will be refused if not changed to a genuine UK 13amp plug


NB: You do not need to test un-powered (passive) loudspeakers, any speaker leads or even any mechanical equipment like Stands etc. These do not use mains power! However any electrically pre-wired trussing and stands will of course require testing.



£3.00 PER ITEM Inc VAT 

Small amounts of items brought for testing will incur a small extra charge (to cover time taken) but we will advise this when you enquire.
The normal price charged for a 13amp mains plug is £1.00 (PLUS a small fitting charge T.B.A.) for any plugs supplied to replace cracked, damaged or unsuitable plugs.


To Book In Your Equipment For It's Next P.A.T. Test -  Call Us On: 01844 343113


Please give us as much notice as possible when booking. We normally schedule tests well in advance BUT last minute emergency and short notice testing is usually available, we can normally help you as we do enjoy a bit of a challenge!


Unfortunately at this time, we do not carry out any PAT testing away from our premises, unless we are providing another service at the same time, i.e. Installations or on site servicing of your equipment. Please call for details.